Hello Centurions, and welcome back to “Unsleeved! [ENG]

Hello Centurions, and welcome back to “Unsleeved!

In today's article we will talk about a commander who is certainly not a top tier, but has the potential to make a good impression: Zagras, Thief of Heartbeats, also known as Zagras heartthrob.

Analysis of the commander: Zagras shows up with an excellent body and a considerable array of abilities.

For a fair amount of mana, we have an hasty and evasive 4/4, which turns the blocker phase into a nightmare for any opponent, as all of our creatures will have deathtouch. It will also guarantee a sort of deathtouch even on planeswalkers allowing us, in certain situations, to concentrate the pressure on the opponent's lives thanks to the ability to kill planeswalkers in combat with a single damage.

Another factor that should not be underestimated is being able to cast the discounted commander if we have the creatures of the fellowship of the ring... er, with the right subtypes. It is not necessary to have the full party to make Zagras a monster to respect; with only two subtypes we will be able to cast a 4/4 full of abilities for only 4 mana! Moreover, this commander alone can put a lot of pressure on the board, allowing us to win games very quickly.

Gameplan: Hitting, but wisely. The deck is an aggro, tending to midrange, so obviously the main strategy is to erode the opponent's lives. But the "all in" approach is not always the right one, it is often enough to put a couple of pieces on the board and play the commander to put enough pressure, without risking losing from a mass removal or running out of resources.

However, the deck can adopt more “transversal” plans, or apply pressure in a softer way but in the meantime hinder the opponent's strategy, which is possible thanks to the colors played. There is therefore no shortage of discards and removals at will, as well as some reanimation effects to take our pieces back from the graveyard. One of the most important components of the list are the creatures able to give us card advantage, which must be used wisely and safeguarded as much as possible, since they allow us to accumulate useful resources to face the more advanced phases of the game. In this regard, this deck can also afford to arrive in the late game without losing the chance to dominate the board, thanks to the fact that Zagras gives deathtouch to all our pieces.

Now let's see which are the main cards that go well with the game plan.

Creatures: Given the possibility of playing the discounted commander, it makes sense to include as many creatures with the right types as possible to form the party. I state that, given the colors, the most represented type is warrior, followed by rogue, wizard and finally cleric. Then there are a couple of "aces", two creatures with changelings that serve to cover the slot of the type that eventually we do not have on the board.

Warriors: Warriors like to hit. This type of creature in fact has very offensive characteristics, just think of Bloodsoaked Champion, Zurgo Bellstriker and Goblin Rabblemaster. The aim of the warriors will therefore be to put pressure in the early stages of the game, without forgetting to create a bit of card advantage thanks to Mindblade Render. Almost all warriors cost 1 or 2 mana, emphasizing their role as aggressors.