Inside Magic: Alessandra Gava [ENG]

Welcome, Commander friends.

Let's resume our journey within the Magic community. This time we will delve into the world of fan art, alternative representations of the characters of our beloved cards, interviewing one of the smartest emerging artists in this field: Alessandra Gava!

Hi Alessandra, thank you for letting me interview you, let's get started right away!

Where are you from?

I live in a small town in the province of Treviso, in Veneto

How did you approach the world of art and how did you come to make Magic fanart?

From what I remember I approached the world of drawing from an early age, about 4-5 years old, then going on I developed my passion more and more hoping one day to turn it into a job. As for Magic fan art, I started doing it when I started following some Magic illustrators, in particular Clint Cearley through his youtube channel Swatches.

How long have you been drawing?

I have been drawing professionally for about 7 years, but I have been drawing since I was little

Do you prefer to draw digitally or on paper?

Before the discovery of oil, I would have said digital without the slightest rattle, but still, I continue to use the digital technique more

How is a Magic fan art born?

Initially the first ones were linked to the illustrations of the artists I admired the most, now I follow the storyline of the character in question a lot

How is a typical day as an artist for Alessandra?

From this point of view there is not much to say: I am very much in front of the graphic tablet and with my oil paints for the works of the International School of Comics of Padua, even if every now and then I go for a ride especially to get drawing supplies and then I also dedicate a part to the study since I am studying in a university

What was your first Magic fan art?

The very first was a Liliana Vess

Do you have a drawing that has a special place in your heart?

Difficult, let's say that what I'm most satisfied with is where a coven of vampires is represented

One of the most difficult drawings you have done?

The one of the vampire covens, let's say it is probably one of my most complex illustrations

Looking at your social networks, not only do we have fanarts about our beloved characters, but we can see concepts for planeswalkers and original characters. How did you get the idea? Tell us a little about these characters.

Yes, initially they were born as a game to be shared on Tumblr, then I started making a storyline behind them, especially my first fanwalker Ruxandra Niall who made an evolution from pindaric flights, initially born as a fanwalker of the Dimir family that I adored, after which I decided to make her more in her own right as a character first trying to link her with the Eldrazi (I was in a period where I loved their concept) and then simply connect her to blind eternity (in fact her spark was created when she came into direct contact with the latter). So, with a colorless mana, with a spark that actually allows her to stay in blind eternity indefinitely unlike other planeswalkers, she also has other abilities, but currently I don't know how viable they are so let’s say they're still in the process of making. The other is Phelan Oran, a werewolf born from the enthusiasm that Ixalan had brought me since I love the figure of the pirate, who has green, red and black mana, especially black since he has some sort of necromantic abilities which are reflected in the wolves he creates, since they are distorted and also have a ghostly part.

Reconnecting to the question above, tomorrow the Wizard contacts you and puts you in charge of the design of the next set, set in a new plan of your invention. What can we expect to see? (Creatures, planeswalkers, landscapes, etc.)

It would be the dream of a lifetime, currently I'm also designing a plan of my own invention which takes up historical neoclassical / Renaissance and Victorian contexts. As the main races there are certainly vampires, since they are in a sense central, but not as they are on Innistrad, let's say that they are not the classic vampires who are haunted by thirst and also there is only one bloodline, as well as werewolves who do not lose their mind in animal form and also have very distinct sub-races, then however there are the inevitable elves, dwarves, gnomes, tieflings, humans, dragons, angels, I have not given myself limits to level of races because I wanted something very heterogeneous

Aside from the world of magic, do you work on other art projects? Would you like to tell us a little about it?

I did some illustrations for Feralis, a card game still in beta, then occasionally do some private commissions

Is there any artist you admire and from whom you draw inspiration for your work?

Let's say I've always followed Clint Cearley and Steve Argyle, even if now I follow Bastien Lecouffe Deharme, Jason Angle and Karl Kopinski more closely

Speaking a bit about the gathering part of Magic, what are the events you usually attend?

Unfortunately, I do not participate in events, apart from Lucca comics, since they are still quite far away

What's your favorite part of attending a Magic event?

If Lucca Comics is included as a Magic event, my favorite part is definitely meeting the live illustrators

Do you have a special memory linked to some event?

The first Lucca Comics I attended, where I met Steve Argyle and Todd Lockwood live, asking for feedback on my works

Do you play magic? Preferred format?

Currently I have abandoned it a bit, even though I sometimes play a game on MtG Arena, I have always played modern or standard even though I would like to try commander

A card that represents you?

Honestly, I don't know, lately since I'm doing a Dungeons and Dragons campaign on Innistrad I feel in the same wave line as Olivia Voldaren and I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing

Your favorite Magic colour?

I am very fond of white

A card you hate and one you love?

Do poison counters count as a card I hate?

A card I loveis probably Espleth Knight Errant, because she was also my first planeswalker, so I have an emotional bond as well as a storyline, and I think its effects are very balanced and reflect white mana very well

Your favorite Magic character?

Ajani! It is a giant cat to cuddle with

Do you have any messages for our commander players?

Here’s a big good luck for your games!

So, for today the column ends here!

As usual, I’ll leave you Alessandra's social contacts so you can go and have a look at her works.

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See you, commander players!