after months of online tournaments, "real" events have resumed their natural course, allowing the commission to assess the health of the format.

Following a period of adjustment, due to the transition to 25hp, the metagame seems to have found its balance: there are a good number of tier decks, alternated by outsiders, able to play the Top8 even in large tournaments.

Despite its relative stability, the commission believes a couple of changes are needed to give more not tiers the chance to appear at the top of the Centurion event rankings.


>Urza, High Lord Artificer is now banned as a Commander only.

>Winota, Joiner of Forces is now banned as a commander only.

>Field of the Dead is now banned.

>Erayo, Soratami Ascendant is now legal.

>Urza, Lord High Artificer.

Urza basically has an immense power level and, in our format, as a general, it is even more performing. The deck is consistent, fast and redundant thanks to the presence of many sources of mana and tutors that give constant access to various Silver Bullets that allow you to hit any given strategy. Thanks to the first ability, just playing Urza, gives two excellent bodies on the field to counter aggressive decks; his second ability, on the other hand, provides new sources of mana that allow him both to protect himself and to play more and more cards in a short time, making him difficult to deal with. In addition to this, it presents a dominant synergy with particular artifacts (such as Howling Mine and Winter Orb, to name a few), and several cards, including various tutors that give this deck a redundancy and consistency, which is difficult to solve with specific bans. Therefore, Urza is now banned as commander.

>Winota, Joiner of Forces.

Winota is a formidable commander who can bend any game and, therefore, always requires immediate answers as not to be overwhelmed. Although it is really rare to see an aggro, and Boros strategy at the level of the top tiers of the format, Winota is too powerful, obscuring the other aggro commanders (Gallia, Judith, etc) and effectively cutting them out of the metagame. Being a threat to the format's diversity and demanding an “on-the-spot” response that some strategies cannot intrinsically propose, Winota is now banned as commander.

>Field of the Dead.

Field of the Dead has already proved problematic in other formats and even more so in Centurion because, being a land, it is easily tutored, it leaves few interactions to the opponent, it cannot be countered, and it is hardly destroyed. Moreover, given the nature of the format, games tend to be protracted, allowing Field to express versatility, both in a defensive way against aggressive decks, and in an offensive way, once it has gained control of the field. For these reasons, Field of the Dead is now banned in Centurion commander.

>Erayo, Soratami Ascendant.