Commander is an official variant of Magic the Gathering, supported by Wizards of the Coast.
Commander is an eternal and multiplayer format, consisting of decks of 100 cards in single copy revolving around a Commander.

Centurion Commander is a variant of the non-multiplayer Commander versions that have developed over the years. The format was born among the communities of players in Italy in January 2019 after the long riots that marked the evolution of the various 1 vs 1 formats. Centurion was born and raised with the intention of merging and involving players in an attractive and engaging format, structured to establish itself as a '' competitive '' Single Player Commander format. Characterized by 25 Life Points and a Banned List studied to better favor the competitive gaming experience.

A specific Banlist which can be found in the Rules section

A Commander card

99 other cards

Only one copy of each card, except basic lands

All cards must be in the color identity of the commander

Start with 25 life

All commanders start already revealed in their command zone

The games are played at the best of 3


It is the area where your commander is placed during the game when he is not in play. At the beginning of the game, each player places his/her commander face up in the command zone. You will be able to cast your commander from the command zone by paying its normal cost and an additional 2 mana for each time you have previously cast it from the command zone during this game. If your commander is about to be put into your deck, hand, graveyard or exile from anywhere, you can choose to put it in the command zone instead.

The Centurion Commander was born as a reference format for anyone who wants to play Commander 1v1 on a competitive level. The following are the guidelines that the commission adopted to try to keep the format healthy:

- The format must favour hard-fought and exciting games, where those who maximize the management of their resources prevail. For this reason, all cards that have an immediate impact on the game (eg. Fast mana acceleration) and that offer an often insurmountable amount of tempo and card advantage, are banned. Cards that allow for consistent turn four wins (eg. Tutors) are also banned.

- All archetypes must be playable in Centurion Commander. To create a "fair" environment where different strategies can thrive, the most oppressive commanders and cards have been banned (eg. Breya).

- Color balance is not a prerogative of the Centurion Commander. The main focus of the banlist is to craft a balanced metagame, regardless of the one color dominance.